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Re(1): Question about Self Betting Machines

Posted on January 2, 2006 at 12:07:32 PM by jrez

if you find a voucher theres a few things that you can do: give it to a track employee .. keep it and use it .. or leave it in the machine. tote companies can track any voucher or any ticket with just a window number and an amount, or if you have tickets that you bet off the voucher you lost we can track it that way .. those same tickets act as proof that the voucher belongs to the person claiming it lost or stolen.. without a ticket theres no proof and and nothing can actually be done . the tote company can lock the ticket and ask the person to return what is not theres, but if they say its theres and theres no ticket to prove other wise nothing can be done. i've worked for autotote for nine years and have never seen any one be arrested for a stolen voucher ..now if there is proof and the person that has the stolen ticket does not want to give it back the track can have him kicked out and take the remainder of the voucher. john doe would not be a thief until he's caught but if he gives up the money then he's ok.