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Re(1): What has Changed...

Posted on August 5, 2007 at 10:22:50 AM by Jay

good question.when i started watching jai alai back in the late 70's, the game seems different because of the styles of the different characters of the game. watching ASIS with his strong powerful game in the front was truely a one of a kind thing. he never threw a dejada and beat his opponents by using his GOD gifts of raw power. Juaristi with his low screamer was also a thing of beauty (a real bitch if you were his opponent as i was a few times) joey and inclans killer shots were and are never to be forgotten. francisco's homerun off the serve is also missed,but todays players dont really have any special shots that anyone uses consistantly that will define them.
in the back was elorduy with his great power of the right side, soroa with his complete game that was near perfect, churucca with his ability to catch everything but the common cold, even the tiny alberto/salazar that could rebote ANYTHING that had a little air under it from the backwall, but me being a backcourter always notice that in todays game, alot of backmen throw the cortada from anywhere on the court, which in my opinion should never be thrown by a backman. todays players dont have the court savy that the older players had in a sense that alot of game play was played for the thrill of the sport.
i could go on and on with players that had a special way of courting the crowd when they were hot, which is also missed with todays players, but something is missing and i am not really sure on how to describe it exactly.
i supposed the times that we are in sometimes define the joy of what we do. i will always miss the game and one day hope GOD himself lets be try it again.


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