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Posted on August 5, 2007 at 04:57:42 PM by HOEY

ITS ALL SHAKE AND BAKE!!!! Not everyone is as smooth like the left side of fernandez different teachers different styles or in some cases no teachers at all and for those i give huge credit for making it!!! to take more than a couple steps while in motion is illegal to have your feet planted ready for the right side catch and then pull it over to throw the it on the left is illegal but you see more and more of an anything goes kind of play. To be completley honest i can say a few things that would piss alot of people off who have seen a player with 6 points playing a guy with 0 and him bobbiling the ball or walking with it and there is no whistle especially a matinee of a double not much time for lunch in beetween if u know what i mean point and game everyone gets a couple extra minutes on our dinner break and thats just the beginning of the bullshit


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