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Todd/Tommy's serve

Posted on August 5, 2007 at 01:23:08 PM by JS

I hate to use these two players as examples because I have met both and they are two of the nicest people. Both are very willing to help anyone in any way and I have alot of respect for both. I must take issue with thier serve though. Its sort of like a catch and throw serve. I think back a long time ago it would of been illegal to serve like that. The rest of thier game is complete and both have outstanding left side throws and rebotes. It might have something to do with I think both are left handed and might have not got the proper training when they were first starting. Also in Dania I think it was Korta who turned the wrong way when starting his serve motion but has since changed that. I wonder if there are any specific rules governing serving, holding the ball, how many steps can be taken, etc. for jai alai or is it all just open for the judges interpretation?


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