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Posted on August 5, 2007 at 11:34:45 AM by Mike B

Richard I agree thats the biggest change I have seen in jai alai. You cant blame the players for trying to get any advantage they can get to win the point. But theres nothing worse than someone taking your serve and shake and baking it till you make your move outside or inside. If it is all one motion and they still have time to take a peek to see were you are going I was fine with it. But when they noticeably stop and look or shake and bake it would drive me crazy. So what did I do, on the right side I learned to hold the ball and look a little more. If you cant bet them join them. I just wish I had a costada at all ,then I could of learned to hold it and that is deadly if you can throw it were you want it to go.
When I was at Hartford I got to practice with Chimela and he would play old school. He would catch and throw all in one quick motion and it was graceful, beautiful and powerful. But not many others I ever played with did that. Compared to the old school 90% or more of us held the ball to some degree. The more you stop the ball the more control you have.
So the problem is once the cat was out of the bag how do you control it. The holding and looking (while sometimes taking three steps) over time has gotten to the point were the refs need to call traveling for more than 2 steps and a stop watch to call holding and looking in the frontcourt. Just like basketball,lol
Just MHO


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