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Re(1): What has Changed...

Posted on August 5, 2007 at 09:14:53 PM by David II

I have said before that the players today are younger stronger and faster collectively than in previous years. However, there are things that noticiably different. Goico who is the game best frontcourter, has a right side as good or better than any of the greats from the last generation of stars, yet he does not possess the kill shots of the great ones from yesteryear either. Maybe he doesn't need them. But I sat through games where Bolivar, Joey, Asis, Remen, Juarisiti, Inclan, Michelena and Uriarte won games by throwing perfectly executed shots one after another, sometime running the game out on perfect shots. I see Goico dominate with the right side rebote and a cortada and not much more, or enough to say he has a shot in his game that sets him apart. Another bigmissing ingredient is court presence, this is gone. Players used to hit the floor with rebote's, I respect todays crop in a big way, yet I realize that they are on their way, but are not at the level of play that we were treated to in the early eighties. But give them time and they will surpass. The young always overthrow the old. There has been milestones and passing of the torches time and time again in Jai-Alai. Asis was a pioneer for big men frontcourters to come. Later on it was Benny & Castanos. Michelena changed the game with pure atheleticism, Joey changed the Game forever, and Inclan even took it further. Bolivar had presence that has never been matched. I'm sorry when Boli took the court there was electricity, now there is nothing remotely close to it. The right side of Elorduy is still unmatched. But who knows what the future holds?


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