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Posted on August 26, 2005 at 06:42:48 PM by benzacorta

Played last Saturday at a NYC handball/paddleball court near the Con Ed plant in Queens. It's 2 walls, with 4 courts arranged back-to-back, in single file. The 2 courts in the center, therefore, provide a frontis and rebote with 96 feet of open space in between. This is unusual, as back-to-back courts are almost always separated by a fence to protect each other from interference by every single ball which gets past a player! It might also explain why it's empty and available for jai-alai on a Saturday morning.

The play is with a taped pelota. Unfortunately, there is no side wall. (Just the playground fence, which separates the courts, tantalizingly, from a full-length cinder block wall mere inches away!!)


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