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here is my proven foolproof system

Posted on September 4, 2005 at 03:22:12 AM by kardz

here is how i pick the games when i bet on them.
to play the quinella,
i calculate the strength of the post position,then multiply the WPS% and then add a give or take of 3.14%
then i subtract the last show pool and add the total of ticket prices together
then i subtract yellow and add the day of the week that it might be minus the temperature in france.
when i play the daily double,i add the collective I.Q's of larry,franco,and my cat minus the number of branch's and leaves i last raked in my yard.
to play the perfectas
i simply do the same but use the square root of the last number i see on the 1st hundred dollar bill i have in my pocket and then subtract whatever is on the 1 dollar bill that is on top of my bankroll and with the idea of adding any change i might have in my left front pocket.
as far as trifectas,it is much more easier.....i simply run up to the cage and try to catch the number of the last games ball,then i add red and a little oregano,multiply the gross national product of zimbabwe and then figure the rain fall in brazil on september 27th on next year,and with that final number, i then proceed to the cashiers window and box them all!
with superfectas,i simply do the same but subtract the number of hairs i can see on my head or add the price of gas,whatever is lower.


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