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Re(1): Some Ramblings on Math, Poetry, and the Well-Tempered Trifecta

Posted on September 3, 2005 at 05:53:35 PM by Tiger

Ah, S.t., in thru the Bach door again ...

Prob/Stat: I taught that one for a few years. The old prof had quit and they needed help fast.

The course had previously been an ultra gut, the most demanding task being coloring in pie charts. When I pressed the dean on the fact that this wasn't math/stat, but kindergarten, she was taken aback, but, since I was the only one she had to teach it, she let me rewrite the course description and syllabus.

Needless to say, those poor souls who signed up for the guaranteed gut Statistics course were shell shocked, to say the least. It took a couple of semesters for the word to get out....lol


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