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Re(1): Down Memory Lane

Posted on October 7, 2004 at 02:56:12 PM by wwwsupernova

you know what? this is one of the BEST post i have read on here in a looong time.
i think my "yawn" earlier was not taken in the right sense of play.
it was ment to say " hellyes, but tell us old timers something we dont know"
outstanding post!
i would like to add that a few of the great players that didnt get any good post. michelena, arra, lberdi, guernica, zulaica, ramon, bob, augie, patxi, ondarres, ubi, plaza, kent, magu, asis, rastock, arbu, aramburu,
javier, jay, oregui, salazar, uribar, orbea,
dreux, echava, elorduy, inclan, paul & mark, azpiri.
i am sure i missed a few dozzen or so other great players, but these names i enjoyed alot.


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