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Posted on October 9, 2004 at 02:28:04 PM by Ken

One of the fun things about remembering the old days is the nicknames that the players were given, some by the fans and some by the other players.

OK, so Churruca was 'The Chief', Juaristi was 'Hollywood', and Bolivar was 'Boli', but let's see how many of these you can identify:

At Bridgeport: Chino, Lucy, The Baker, The Tailor,The Dentist, The Barracuda, The Butterfly, The Cube, Sticks, Stubby

At Hartford: Tank, The Penguin, Rocky, Cookie, Oreo, The Machine, The Priest, The Jap, Sally, Zoh (not ZOO = Zulaica)

I was surprised when i watched a partido match on this website that Bolivar was playing as Txikito de Bolivar. I'd never heard that one. I am assuming that Txikito is the Basque equivalent of 'The Kid'. When was that match played? Boli looked older and slower than I recall. When I watched him and he'd get behind, he'd just take over a game and play almost every point as though he was playing alone. He certainly did not do that in the video.

By the way, we also called Boli 'The Spider' because of the way he walked with his shoulders hunched so that his arms hung at a peculiar angle like a spider's.


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