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Posted on October 7, 2004 at 12:13:58 PM by Jody C.

Thanks for youre memories and insight on the old days Being a CT fan, I remember many of the old players you mentioned. I dont quite go back to the extent you do. I only want to point out where I disagree.

Remen, Mendi, Zulaica, I can say for sure were above the levels of Jesus, Alberdi, and Bereicua. There is no question in my mind. The 3 titles Zulaica earned in the Hartford/Milford series earned him that. I have a tape of the 82 NAJF I believe which shows him and Boniguen teamed and playing at and above the levels of many playing in that tournament. 'Zoo' was a master at the pick and backcourt placement, and was an excellent catcher. He is rarely mentioned among the greats but to me he was a classic doubles player, never out of position and always placing the ball where it needed to be, he didnt need power. Boniguen was great also, what a phenom he was. Mendi won the singles tournaments in the Hartford/Milford years over the likes of Juaristi, Remen, Cachin, etc, always stepped it up big for the tourmanents. Remen to me had one of the strongest right sides I had ever seen. He also was one of the best singles players also. Cachin, I never had any problem figuring out. He had one of the best rebotes in the game at the time, a class act, and winning the World Championships 3 times all around 40 years old is all you need to say about him. The wins title Cachin had with Bolivar at Bport, Boli being around 30 and still at his best, should qualify Cachin right up there also.

Enjoyed reading youre posts and dont be a stranger.

So, I would say that I give these players much higher marks than you


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