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Re(1): What Book Did You Write?

Posted on October 8, 2004 at 08:37:42 AM by Ken

The book was Called "Ballet with Bullets". It was a history and a betting guide much different from the usual simplistic stuff.

In manuscript form, it was about 150+ pages on standard typing paper. I signed a contract with A.S. Barnes and they paid me something up front. Then Barnes was sold to a California publisher who decided not to publish.

I threatened to sue, but the contract had an arbitration clause, so we went to arbitration.

During the hearing, the representative of the publisher said that they decided to not publish after the MGM Grand fire, when their fronton was not rebuilt. They said that that suggested jai alai was no longer viable.

However, I was able to quickly show that their letter of cancellation was dated several months BEFORE the fire.

Lying during an arbitration is like perjury in a court of law. The arbitrator immediately ruled in my favor and awarded me 5 times what I had expected to make, had the book been published. (Needless to say, I was elated.)

All that dragged on for several years, and by that time my literary agent had died. Jai alai was suffering from the betting scandals, and I just never pursued publishing it after that.

I still have the original typewritten copy somewhere. If the operator of this website would like to post it, I'd be happy to send it to him. I have no idea how difficult that would be, since I am not a techie. Unfortunately, I wrote the book in the pre-PC days, so I have no way to transmit it electronically.

I thought it was a pretty good book. It was fully illustrated and contained game by game examples of how to bet. I received a lot of help from the PR Directors of the local frontons, the player managers, and especially from players like Joey, Bengoa, and Churruca.


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