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Re(2): To Bada Bing re Fixed Odds Betting, Numbers Game, etc

Posted on December 6, 2003 at 06:06:36 PM by Gabe

One of the pure enjoyments of betting on jai alai is that moment where you just won a trifecta and are sitting there for 30 seconds awaiting to see what you won. Then every so often you get a nice surprise, and a payout about double or triple of that you had expected to get. I would actually hate to lose that moment..

.. also what would you do if you get some drunk placing a $100 bet on 7-6-5 tri and it comes out and the house must pay off whatever enormous fixed payout that was predetermined? Then this happens a couple more times where as Joe V states, where points are lost suspiciously so certain combos are just missed. Outcries of fixed would be shouted and talk of scandals and such would doom jai alai for sure. Shut the lights, the party is over for sure. The talk of fixed games would drive away more people then fixed odds could ever bring in.


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