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Re(1): To Bada Bing re Fixed Odds Betting, Numbers Game, etc

Posted on December 6, 2003 at 04:50:42 PM by Bada-Bing

Whats up everyone. I guess you guys are gonna make this difficult on me by having to answer on two separate messageboards Anyway i don't FULLY agree with 'fixed odds betting' (Oh by the way Tiger my answer would be a combination of B and C but definitely not A) i just think its better and it would attract a much more needed interest and generate a lot of excitement. I understand a lot of Craigs comments and partially agree. You answered your own question about my philosophy that jai alai is a 'numbers' game. The bias scoring system coupled with the simple fact that each player/team is assigned a number for BETTING purposes makes this game a 'numbers' game. Certain numbers have a much more higher or lower probability of coming out because of the spectacular scoring system regardless of what player represants what 'betting' number (some fact, some opinion). The 'fixed odds betting' system would work out fine for any fronton over a years time. I think a number such as 756 should always be higher odds but could be lower depending on the players past performances. It would be nice if the lowest possible trifecta payout was set at $300 and capped at around $5,000. I think the thing we can ALL agree on is that the payoffs seem to be getting lower and lower. Maybe 'fixed odds' is farfetched a bit but anything that can bring some fans back and get the pools larger is a positive thing at this time.

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