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Excellent Post

Posted on December 20, 2005 at 08:04:54 PM by Jody C.

Thank you for offering the information you have. I believe, speaking for myself anyway, that so I was very disapointed in hearing of the Fort Pierce situation, as I make annual trip Citrus weekend, to the fronton each year.

Reitirating the litigation and player shortage situation makes sense to me.

I think even though as you say that these are private companies, the jai alai companies, a little better PR will go a long way for you. I think that Dania is an excellent example of that.

When people care about something, they get frustrated when the appearence of lack of caring seems evident, therefore the negative comments you see.

I hope that you return often to clarify misinformation, or maybe to provide player information or even upcoming tourmanent dates ahead of time so those of us up north can plan to be at the frontons.

Thanks again for the post.


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