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Not that simple

Posted on December 20, 2005 at 08:54:29 PM by Bennett

As for the 40 performances....I checked the statute and posted it in another thread. What constitutes a 'full schedule' is different for different types of pari-mutuels. For jai-alai it is 100 live performances....EXCEPT that it was adjusted to read:

for a jai alai permitholder who does not operate slot machines in its pari-mutuel facility, who has conducted at least 100 live performances per year for at least 10 years after December 31, 1992, and whose handle on live jai alai games conducted at its pari-mutuel facility has been less than $4 million per state fiscal year for at least 2 consecutive years after June 30, 1992, the conduct of a combination of at least 40 live evening or matinee performances during the preceding year

This is straight from the statute. So it applies to any fronton that meets those parameters. I believe that at the time this was written the only fronton that would have qualified for that (based on having low enough handle) was Ocala. There was never any reports of this affecting other frontons, but there were reports showing this would cause a change at Ocala. It seemed as though that was where they came up with the number at $4 million....that this essentially would impact Ocala and nowhere else. Either places like the Fort/Orlando do meet these requirements....or it is an allowance being made for the hurricanes.


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