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Re(3): Misinformation

Posted on December 20, 2005 at 11:56:09 PM by Jim

These are all such great posts. No idea who you are...don't care, but great posts.

For me, the problem is that the frontons don't give the fans what we really want, beyond just play of the games.

What we need is so easy to accomplish, with no expense, it's ridiculous.

For example, we need updated websites. We want to know who is coming to play and when. We want reports on why a player is gone, especially if injured. We want to know who is going overseas for tourneys, not just say "well, he's vanished...must be overseas in tourneys." We want webcasts that TELL US who the heck is scratced for the entire day, during the webcast (like a rolling text graphic...so friggin simple, yet Miami won't do it.) Don't they realize we can't properly pre-bet if we don't know??? HELLO???

I love jai alai...always have always will, yet so many of us on here beg for just a little more info, and all we get are rumors, and no help from anyone. If it weren't for this site, we'd be totally in the dark, so thank goodness for that.

For even a seasoned fan like myself, it's become very frustrating, which is why I tend to complain too often, I will admit. Then again, no one seems to care or listen, so I'm wasting my time, which is why I'm done posting. Bye people! And as always...GOOD LUCK TO ALL! And win $$$!


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