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Posted on December 20, 2005 at 11:33:33 PM by From The Inside

Jody, you have always been polite, rational and friendly. Both here and in person ;-). I am glad that you understand the idea of Law Suits and player shortages. I have cringed when I have seen certain players - regardless of the fronton dawn a jersey, play in the backcourt and throw forehands that don't pass the 6 line. The law suits cost a fortune to defend. If you don't defend them, you encourage more. Amateur programs have all but been stopped because of these law suites. With Mr. Soper's legal background, do you think that Mr. Elorri's program would remain intact if a pissed off amateur (I know that this would never happen because amateur Jai-Alai players have such a love for playing that they would never sue) - sued Orlando for a bunch of money and defense costs were $25k right off the bat? Perhaps, Perhaps not. The other problem is in proper training. I am a traditionalist, a bit tough in my opinion on who and who should not be playing professional Jai-Alai. You watch Zelenka's serve or laucirica's ball control (even with little power) or Areitio's court positioning, or Leif's fluid motion on the right side. These are things of beauty. Then you look at some other guys, who may deserve a chance, but it is sometimes painful to watch. Problem = lack of sufficient professional training. Look at Todd & Tommy. Great people EXCELLENT rebotes on the left side, but if they had the proper training to compensate for their being left handed (like Arriaga & Mouhica at Miami) How much better their games would be. Jody - I am intimately aware of the PR function with some (obviously I can't name which ones) of the frontons. We could be doing a much better job. Efforts will be made in 2006. There are so few people in these dapartments it is difficult to do everything that needs, or should be done. You used to have a manager, PR Director, Group Sales Director, Traffic manager (Advertising), and Director of Advertising. Not to mention graphic artists, etc. Many facilities have 1 person performing these tasks. An apology is in order, but the best I can say is - it is what it is.

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