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Question for the parimutuel experts

Posted on December 31, 2004 at 05:46:14 PM by Bennett

Since it looks like the VLT's stand a good chance of getting in down in South FL, makes me wonder what could happen if eventually that were expanded to the whole state. Might we see small frontons pop up so they could offer VLT's too? Some people think this is part of the reason for Hamilton being built. Question is where could this possibly happen? What are the rules on how far away you have to be from another fronton or parimutuel? And since Ocala is trying to convert their jai-alai license to horses, does that mean another fronton could be built there? What about places like Pensacola where you have tourists plus a draw from bordering states? Also..Alabama has greyhounds - do they allow VLT's? Could there be a jai-alai fronton there someday?


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