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Re(4): Question for the parimutuel experts

Posted on January 1, 2005 at 05:06:54 PM by Sean Donnelly

If it does come back to WPB it's doubtful that it will be in the same location. The Jai Alai license is now owned by the Rooney family, who own the Palm Beach Kennel Club (and Yonkers Raceway). They originally bought the property and license from Arthur Sylvester and sold the property to Don King (but retained the Jai Alai license). They talked about building a fronton next to the dog track but that was about 6 years ago. Unfortunately it seems likely that they only bought the license to assure less competition for their dog track. Anyway, if anyone wants to put a bid in for the fronton, follow the link below.

(link is no longer valid)

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