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Re(2): Question for the parimutuel experts

Posted on January 1, 2005 at 09:09:10 PM by Perry

Mark, there's one thing your source said that leads me to question his/her credibility. I cannot believe that the Indians are returning "a shade less than 50%" to their machine players. To do so would result in the vast majority of players losing their entire bankrolls very quickly, very consistently, and people would stop coming. Most (if not all) of the Indian casinos are managed by companies that know the casino business inside and out. I doubt that they would run a casino with machines that don't give the players a reasonable chance of winning now and then. My guess is that the Indian casinos offer a return of close to 90%. Anything much less would drive customers off before long.

Just as a side note, the VLTs at the 'racinos' in New York State are set at 92% payback.


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