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Re(1): Tampa Jai-alai

Posted on August 15, 2005 at 01:57:58 PM by crab

crabs favorites:

1.Arra II-Without question the best post Bolivar player. The best right side rebote,covered the court like a cat.
2.Laca-the human vacuum rarely missed and was always in position for the catch.
3.Almorza-In his prime his forehand and rebote made him one of the best.
4.Gorrono-Classic player had everything.
5.Fransisco-Best costado of any rostered player in Tampa history.
6.Aramayo-Back injury slowed down this triple crown champ.
7.Owens-Best of the American players,could hang with the best. Left side rebote was like a missile.
8.Totorica-The strike cut short his promising career, launched rockets from both sides.
9.Iruta-The dominant back man in Tampas closing days.
10.Echeva-Vintage Basque style and played in several tournament of champions going against Joey in some classic partidos.
The all time greatest serve cutter was Azpiri the master of the dejada rarely let a serve past, if you faced him on game point you were done dejada scores!
Best carombola was Eusebio this shot had so much spin that even if you were there you couldnt catch it.
Longevity-Rufino was the man he still was breaking down the young bucks when jai-alai closed and he was getting close to 50,one of the best right side caroms and high two walls. Those were the days.


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