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Re(3): Tampa Jai-alai

Posted on August 16, 2005 at 01:17:17 AM by jai alai kid

More accurate info would be that Aramayo owns a resteraunt called el pilon which is nowhere nears the former fronton. It is about 5-7 miles north of the former tampa jai alai. And why was he a cheater? He is a very close personal family friend and A man of true character. Now as for Aitor working for King that is no longer, maybe a couple of years ago. King employs ortuondo, fermin and galla (with whom I spoke to today on one of scott's construction sites). He is also a very close personal friend and a client of mine. We were just talking jai alai today at his house, he just came back from spain a couple weeks ago and man does he have some awesome pics of former players and the fronton's. He hung out with the likes of a ECHEVA, FRANSISCO, ELGUETA, CHASIO, CARREA, LECUE, FRANSISCO, ARRA, SARRATEA, AND TOO MANY MORE TO LIST. But they all seemed to be doing great and man was I jealous of his pics of him practicing in markina. Maybe I could talk him into posting some of those pics for you guys to see.

-jai alai kid-


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