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Re(1): Alex?

Posted on August 16, 2005 at 11:42:43 AM by Joseluis

Jody C.

Alex (Francisco's Son) is great. He is now 22 years old,and he could of came over when he was 17,and kicked butt, but he went to school first, (While kicking but in Spain.) His older brothers Kevin, and David plays to. Kevin has won alot of tournaments in Spain as well. David was better than avg frontcourter, but he did not stick to play,he retired, and now is a Computer Engineer working in California. Frankie boys as I call them are good people. At one point in each of their carreers they were very good. David's costado was great if not better than his fathers.
Alex is an 'ALL AROUND' great player,and Kevin has a great right side.
All around great players

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