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Re(1): Tampa Jai-alai

Posted on August 15, 2005 at 04:11:01 PM by Diamond

Thanks for the Tampa info. As I had asked C3 to share info about Tampa in a earlier post but here is what I posted:

"I have been to Tampa and i really did enjoy the play. It was in August of 1991 I got the chance to see Francisco. Owen, Corky, Williams, Decarlo, Lacky (Black belt), Aramayo, Aitor, Dan or Jim (I believe he was native Indian, very big facial features) 'my man Ron (Meriden, CT).'

Azpiri, Joaqiun, Aitor, Ron and Carea played at Milford for few summers. Joaquin had one of the best leftside rebotes that I have ever seen, he killed the point instantly anywhere on the court. Whatever happened to my Teddy, I heard that he got a lot of money from lawsuit and quit Jai-Alai!!!!

I also met Franscico when I was at Tampa and I had the opprtunity to throw the pelota around on the court with his son Kevin (who threw rockets past me).


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