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Re(2): Tampa Jai-alai

Posted on August 15, 2005 at 04:48:04 PM by Joseluis

Teddy, did get some money, but was let go.
Francisco's son Kevin has won a couple of tournaments in Spain,and is still playing. David (The other son) he thought of becoming a very good standout, he played for a few years, and was a little better than avg. player, but has since moved on, and now he has married, and is a Computer Engineer working in California. Alex is the little brother who is the superstar that is playing in europe.
Aramayo has a little cafe shop in front of where the Jai-alai use to be.
Rufino,Corky,and bobby went into business together.
The level of play is different now.It is not how the player plays,it is who he knows.
Aitor is working with King in Tampa building homes.
Most of the players that were on that roster is still living in Tampa. I run into Aramayo somtimes in the supermarkets,as well as King.(From time to time.)

How I wish the strike would of never happened.


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