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Re(4): Tampa Jai-alai

Posted on August 16, 2005 at 10:03:43 AM by Sam

It all depends on who you talk to with Aramayo and everyone has their own opinion. He was a great player but if you wernt his friend or colleague than you better watch your back. Once he felt a got a bad call on the front service line so the next time he got up in singles he fired a ball directly into the sidewall that nearly maimed the front court judge without hitting any other walls. Its my opinion mind you but I think there may have been a suspension handed out with that one. As far as cheating goes thats all in opinion also. On several ocasions during singles points a player would do a fall down rebote at around the 12 line and Aramayo would catch the pelota in the front court only to do the classic Aramayo look back while holding the ball on the right side while the player is laying on the ground and then throw a kill shot. You may say its only holding if the refs call it however what he did with his right side after catching the ball was holding. Not just my opinion but several other professionals opinion. Just my opinion though and take it with a grain of salt I will not post anything else on the topic of Aramayo.


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