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Another case where Aramayo threw at the ref

Posted on August 19, 2005 at 00:34:12 AM by Bennett

The first year I worked at Ocala the roster was made up of a lot of Tampa players coming back after the strike. Arra II, Francisco, Javier, Owens, Corky and many more including Aramayo. One time in doubles Aramayo got pissed at the frontcourt ref, so the next time he came up he caught the serve and threw the ball at the front wall then way outside and it just missed hitting the ref who was helpless. The ref looked at Aramayo and said "Ha ha - you missed!" and Aramayo went over to him and got in his face and they almost had blows on the cancha in the middle of the game. I never saw anything like that. Now hearing that he had done this on other occasions reminds me of just how much of an ass this guy was. He also beat up another player (Aquiles) in the locker room because Aquiles had offered some advice to a replacement player who was also on the roster. I walked in from the cage to the locker room and saw Aramyao two feet away holding Aquiles up against my locker and his nose was bloody. The players manager Francisco Ansotegui was too much of a wuss and IJAPA lover to do anything either time.

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