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Re(2): Strike flyer

Posted on March 28, 2005 at 10:14:29 AM by Crab

Great post but I have to add the only people who gained anything from the strike were the lawyers who sucked up the money for three years. I have to agree it was a very poor decision. the players of 2005 are not making the kind of money you guys were making and the strike did not gain the players anything, and many never played again in this country. The sport never recovered from the poor decision the pelotaries made. I think the players believed the fans would be there forever and they would cash in by forcing the owners hand. They couldnt force the owners hand and the fans money went elsewhere and never came back. There have been many incidents of managers in all sports becoming upset with a player or visa versa ala Billy Martin these are individual incidents and definately no reason to strike. You did what you believed was right and that is all that matters,and that you feel right by what you did. Thanks for the discussion.

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