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Re(2): Strike flyer

Posted on March 28, 2005 at 12:14:28 PM by Mark K.

Thanks for the very, very informative post, sir. I have had this flyer languishing around for some time now, and never could quite understand the players' plight that would cause the players to go on a three year work action, cause every player tons of money and many players their careers.
Fans have vilified Riki Lasa for years now, and in my opinion without knowing the injustices that were befalling the players. I myself had no idea, and appreciate your input greatly. During all my years as a Milford fan I always took the position of a players advocate and would never boo a player ever if I had bet him and were performing badly, and any Milford player knows this. Thanks again for taking my invitation and telling it like it was.


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