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Re(1): The Death Of Jai Alai

Posted on January 13, 2004 at 07:02:33 PM by big mucho

down here in florida jai-alai is sadly also dying a slow, but sure death. The cause of the 'death' industry can be tracked back to the strike led by Riki Lasa. Sadly he is just about the only one with a few others not impacted by the selfish ego driven act. many players have had to go back to their respective countries, seek other ways to make a living, as well as all the employees who worked the closed/torn down frontons, as well as deprive a new generation of a truly great sport, and entertainment venue. Since the industry killing strike, several frontons have closed down, the few remaining are getting by only through the simulcasting they offer in addition to live jai alai. Sadly most old jai alai fans refuse to patronize the players who spat on them, and cursed them and their families out when they entered, or left the frontons during the strike. I hoe one day jai alai makes a comeback, reopening the old frontons, and even adding more, and Riki Lasa burns in hell. that is just my humble opinion, and thoughts.


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