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Re(3): The Death Of Jai Alai

Posted on January 14, 2004 at 08:22:39 PM by mucho more

the current (and few) players are making A FRACTION of what they did pre strike. in palm beach the late game players ie. saez, felix, bolivar etc were base lining at 6-8k monthly, plus win/place show purse money, cesta allowance money, end of season bonus,

a flat three bucks to every player just for playing in a game, personal trainer, 100 percent medical for them and their entire family, visa/parimutual license paid in full, plus an assortment of other perks, benefits. as far as 'requests asked for by the union' none were made, the official party line fom glen jones/lasa was 'unfair labor practices' which none of players could explain, or expand on (even before the union was formed) many of the players (remain nameless) wrote silvester letters telling him they wanted to play for him, but threats were made to their families back in spain etc. So NO, the players (at least in palm beach) were NOT mistreated, abused etc. they followed like sheep and unknowingly helped destroy their industry. the pre strike early game players were making more than the current pay scale now with far fewer perks etc. Lasa had a mission his father failed to do years earlier by organizing the players for a strike which his father failed to benefit the players, so he wanted to have his son make 'the greedy owners pay' and ignorantly had no idea how to do it other than walking out without any, yes any demands, until the union picked them up, and told them what to ask for. by then they had already inflicted the begining death blow to the industry, and the rest,........is history.

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