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Re(2): The Death Of Jai Alai

Posted on January 12, 2004 at 05:30:36 PM by Stephen Ceslik

Agreed....I guess being home with the flu has got me in a negative train of thought! My memories of the 'Glory Days' of Jai Alai in Connecticut are pretty fond, so when I recently got interested in the sport again after a long hiatus (humidified the cestas, bought a helmet, and stocked up on lacrosse balls) and mentioned actually playing again to my buddies, it was met with "What!?!? Jai Alai?!?! You're kidding, Right?" I guess I didn't handle it too well! I mean throwing a ball against a wall with a basket on your hand can't be too bad, can it? So my attitude will be positive----I'll still follow the sport, travel to see it, and find a big concrete wall to play against...ain't much more I can do...Steve


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