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Re(2): The Past, The Present, and The Future of Jai Alai

Posted on July 25, 2004 at 10:18:32 AM by Daniel I

A really good post, and it drives home a point that I think is important. Without new blood from Spain/France...the sport will not survive, no matter how well Miami and Dania are doing (and we know they're not.) Anyone ever been to Miami's room that looks a little like a jai-alai museum? There was an article that gave the average age of jai-alai player as 22. That was from 50 years ago. 5 years ago, there were enough good players to play a good sub-25 tournament and now?? How many players are there born after 1980? AND....how many of those same players were here before the turn of the century?

Think of this...only three players made U.S. debuts in 2004...Curvuer (26 years old and did not do well at all), Etxabe II (has a future) and Ikeda II (I can't judge, because I didn't see him.) How many players retired?

We haven't had sun in the Northeast for three days, and the forecast is bad. Here's some more dark clouds for you.

We talk about Robertico a lot in these forums. We need about 30 Roberticos.


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