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Re(6): April 16 1988 the day Jai-Alai started to Die (players Strike)!

Posted on April 16, 2004 at 01:31:04 PM by Ex Pro--

I remember the day very well. I was playing in Melbourne FLA with a young talented roster. We all got along very well both Basque, American French and Mexican. Every night was a good time. Then there were talks of a meeting to form a Union. For the most part being as young as we all were we really didn't know what a strike really consisted of? I remember the great Riki Lasa came down to discuss a walk out. We all thaught ok big deal we won't play for a couple of days. We were guaranteed 2 weeks at the most!! As the days and weeks went by we all became angry and doubtful. We were ordered by the president to get violent to the incoming patrons and that became very ugly very fast. Many players got arrested for something as simple as touching a cone that kept us back fron oncoming cars. And then it began, player by player started to cross and go back to play mostly Americans. At this point we were 4 months into the strike and had no money and were sleeping 7 to 8 people in one apartment. I later crossed and played for 13 more years never really understanding what really happened. I have met and played with many wonderful people of all nationalities and really have no regrets but one. 'The Strike of 88'. Just my story and I know there are many more out three.



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