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Re(1): April 16 1988 the day Jai-Alai started to Die (players Strike)!

Posted on April 16, 2004 at 02:45:08 PM by Cary

That day was a day that anyone involved in Jai-alai will remember forever. I was one of those players that decided not to strike. I knew deep inside on that day that there was something wrong with the way it was being handled. Knew about the 2 prior strikes that the players had attempted in the past and knew that it was a no win situation. It's very sad to see what has happened to the sport and I'm sure there is alot of finger pointing going on. Trying to put the blame on something or someone. Jai-alai was a sport that I admired and loved and grew up playing when I was a child. I admired the players that played the sport and looked up to them the way kids would look up to other sport stars. It's just sad to see what has happened to the sport and I don't see it ever being as popular as it used to be. That's the sad part!!! When you love a sport as much as I loved playing Jai-alai, it hurts inside to know that this sport has gone to the dogs, so to speak (especially in Melbourne).

I lost alot of good friends because of the sport and they are missed very much. It was like a botherhood that was formed and when the strike occured it divided families so to speak. I miss all those involved and hope that all those that I knew are doing well and they are missed.

It had been a long hard road ever since the strike knowing you have lost family because of personal opinions.

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