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Re(3): Not A Lucky Strike

Posted on April 16, 2004 at 10:02:05 PM by the truth!

the players walked in unison, not knowing why, other than lasa said so. when asked by the owner in palm beach (by his player mgr Elordi & PR guy) it was 'unfair labor practices' when asked exactly what they wanted they didnt have a clue 'unfair labor practices' the mantra they cried while they spat, cussed, and yelled at the people who came religiously to see them, and love the game. Maybe the bug in Lasas ass had festered enough for him to know his career was limited, and he could carry his fathers torch and run a industry wide strike, which he did, herding the players like sheep to be slaughtered for his ego. Possibly in milford the owners were unfair to the players etc. But you ask any player who played in Palm Beach and if honest they will tell you how good they were paid, and treated there. by following a failed attempt to organize they stayed away too long, and treated the very people who supported them, and the sport like dirt. As a result there are but a few frontons left, the players are the ones to blame, glen jones, and of course the jai-alai hero himself Lasa! If he had any brains when asked what 'unfair labor practices' were at the get go, he may have actually had an answer, and avoided destroying a great sport to spite everyone, players, and fans/owners alike. I hope one day the sport makes a comeback but seriously doubt it.

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