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Re(9): How did everyone get interested in Jai-Alai???

Posted on February 19, 2004 at 02:32:22 PM by Bob Rheiner

I moved to Florida 1981, West palm beach, a bunch of friends would go on friday nights to drink and party. Coming from the N.E. and I used to frequent the meadowlands this was new for me. Never made any big money but we had fun. The place was always packed and if you did not go early you did not sit. Well I never paid much attension to the players only was in for gambling that is until I got married in 1984 and took on new responsibilities. Never went back to West Palm Beach Only to work on the Alarm system. we moved to Pt St Lucie and on one winter night I decided to take my son to watch Jai Alai at Fort Pierce in 1998. My son was amazed we watched Cancio take a perfect game from the 7 post and on the last point it looked like he climbed 30ft on the wall to save the game and threw a perfect kill shot. That was it Jai-Alai from then on.


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