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Re(1): How did everyone get interested in Jai-Alai???

Posted on February 18, 2004 at 02:23:31 AM by sam ahab

WOW, great question!
i got hooked into the jai alai world when i was 16. i left home when i was 16 from new jersey and got into a vw van and headed to florida with a few of my older buddys. i got a job on miami beach as a dish washer/waiter, and on my 1st nights tips, (a whopping $15.00) the older guys were going to the late games at dania jai alai and snuck me in. as i followed them to the betting windows, my buddy gave me 12.00 to pick any 4 numbers and make a bet to split with him. i was clueless as to what to bet and he told me to pick any 4 number from 1 thru 8, i looked at the score board and saw the 5678 flashing, so i told the teller 5678 and she charged me 24.00.......when i got back to my seat with the guys, we watched the game and it went on and on. i was still clueless as to what the deal was and my buddy sid asked me what did i bet on, i showed him a ticket that was a 5678 1.00 trifecta box ticket that cost 24.00,,,,,IT HAD WON and paid a whopping 3,500.00 for the 578 outcome. from then on i was hooked as we took that money and got our 1st apartment in miami,,,,woooohooooooo for that one big game! i wish i knew i had the world by the ballz then! its been downhill ever since, hahaha

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