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Re(2): Marshall Best American Backcourter

Posted on February 29, 2004 at 06:18:35 PM by Grix

Every word you wrote is the absolute truth. When Marshall was in Palm Beach, I saw him make the most seasoned veterans bail out of the corner on his reverse throws. I know how great Felix was, but I would rather have Marshall in his prime any day than Felix. You hit the character of Marshall right on. He could beat the tar out of you on the court 100 times in a row and you would never know it by his actions off the court. He would never hesitate to help if asked...but would never be critical if you didn't ask for some of his expertise. I am sorry that everyone didn't know Marshall as well as you seem to know him. All I can say, is EVERY word you wrote is the absolute truth. And, as you know, words can not give the full value this man was a human being. Thanks Answerman, Marshall was all that you wrote, and more that can't be explained fully in the written word.


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