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more Bridgeport memories

Posted on February 11, 2004 at 10:39:47 PM by more answerman

Judging from the amount of threads on the last visit, I thought I would share a little more on the good ole days at Bridgeport. I can still see closing night ceremonies, Ondarres would be the band leader, this was absolutely one of the most touching moments for a true Jai-Alai aficienado, WHY? because for one moment a season you could see the human side of the players, and more so, be a part of the Basque culture. When was the last time you saw an American sports team sing together other than the 'Super Bowl Shuffle', of for promotion or for money. It was class on steroids. In those years, I never saw a player not try his hardest, or never, ever make an obscene gesture at the crowd, which is common practice nowadays, and lets not forget the nic-names, 'Rocky' Del Rio, BOLEEEE, Cash-In, 'The Geese' The Cua Blast, The Chief, Ibarreche (the mouse), Fidel (Castro I) to name a few. The standing record for wins was 181 held by Ondarres, later it was eclipsed by Bolivar with 215, then later by Inclan. Those were the days.


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