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Re(1): more Bridgeport memories Boga Boga

Posted on February 13, 2004 at 08:24:56 AM by HDS

Indeed, the closing night song was really something special. For those that didn't have the opportunity, before the final game of the season the players gathered in a semi-circle while Ondarres, baton in hand, led them in the Basque fisherman song, Boga Boga. The song lyrics tell of how a sea shanty bids farewell to home, as the boat must go afar, to India. No longer will they see the beautiful beach of their hometown, Ondarroa as they put out to sea. This was a very touching tribute to the fans as the players left their home away from home until they returned next year.

Boga Boga-

Boga, boga, Marinela, Marinela!
Joan behar degu urrutira, urrutira.
Bai Indietara, bai Indietara.
Ez det, ez det, ez det.
Nik ikusiko, zure plai ederra, plai ederra.
Agur, agur, agur!
Ondarroako itxas, itxaso basterra,
itxas, itxaso basterra.
Marinela! BOGA! Marinela!

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