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Posted on February 6, 2004 at 10:53:09 PM by TommyK

It's amazing that the memories are still so vivid after 25 years. It's another thing to ponder how quickly a third of your life goes by, but I will save the philosophy for another day. One of the things that made Bridgeport Jai-Alai so great was the incredible announcing ability of Jeff Brand. I have been to almost every fronton, and no one I ever heard was in his league. He was the voice of jai-alai at Brideport, and his calls helped to frame the picture. He had a unique style all his own...and he created so many expressions...I can still hear his voice, God rest his soul. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Bridgeport fronton...it's America's home of the world champions...mutual windows are now open for wagering on tonight's first game...it's a doubles match, played to seven points, with spectacular seven scoring...for a complete explanation of this type of scoring, please turn to the inside front cover of your official program...there's win, place, show, quiniella, perfecta and fabulous trifecta wagering, which here in the past at the Bridgeport fronton, has returned over $12,000, on a Saturday evening...make your selections, place your wagers early...avoid the long lines that will form as post time approaches...the first person in line never gets shut out, the last person will be...make your selctions, place your wagers early, don't be shut out. And this is your four minute warning, post time for tonight's first game is now just four minutes away. A reminder of the changes in the tonight's program, the first of which occurs in game 1, page 5 of your official program...In game one, post four, scratch number 51 Pardo...substitute number 30 Lopetegui...Lopetegui substituting for Pardo, post four, game one. The new official frontcourt substitute in game one will be number 44 Ibarreche..."


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