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Posted on February 6, 2004 at 04:35:17 PM by steve r

well said answerman.......but let me name a few fav's that you left out if i may.....how about #11 aramayo I
#16 elu (although i didn't care for him)
#17 orbea, #25 recalde (whom i spent many hours in the cage with as he kept score and was nothing but a professional and a gentleman),
#26 echaburu, #36 azpiri I (who went to milford and worked on our cestas every night...well, he didn't work on mine very much because he said i caught the ball so well i never broke any reeds)LOL
#40 chasio who thrilled us with that overhand (from time to time),
#42 del rio, #45 echave, #47 castro I,
#48 mugartegui, #49 little esteben,
#53 chirtu, #54 bereicua (and the blast)
i don't even need to go back for the weekend, just give us 1 more saturday night with that single point game around midnight....
post 1-orbea-echaburu
post 2-castro I-mugartegui
post 3-aramayo I-chasio
post 4-bengoa-elorza II
post 5-guisasola-churruca
post 6-ondarres-chimela
post 7-cachin-goyo
post 8-bolivar-echave
like to see that, wouldn't you????


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