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Posted on February 6, 2004 at 07:25:41 PM by CTguy

First post here, but I posted something like this in the old Jai Alai USA forum.

Remember how, before jai alai was allowed on Sunday, the last game on Saturdaay had to start by 11:59? If they were running late, the previous game might end around 11:55, giving the huge crowds they used to get little time to bet.

You'd rush to get your bet in and see the scoreboard clock read 11:58. Five minutes later the clock would read 11:59. Time stood still! Then after a 30-second first point, the clock would magically leap ahead to about 12:05. Those were the days.

Cachin is my all-time favorite player, but there were so many greats there. Ondarres, Cachin's role model, was still great. Chimela was as well, and probably was the most fun player to watch I've ever seen. I was a big Aramayo fan, as well as 'Rocky' Del Rio. And Castro I was really tough, especially in the going-home game.

Churruca still had it, and it was great when Chasio would unleash his overhand forehand. When Jeff Brand would pick that team to win in the tip sheet, he would make the comment "Unload the cannons."

Churruca was a joy to watch, and someone already mentioned Elorza giving new, young blood along with Bolivar and Cachin. And, as much as I can't stand him, Lasa, after some early struggles, became really good, really fast.

And of the three Connecticut frontos, Bridgeport I thought definitely was the best place to watch jai alai, with Hartford second and Milford third. I would love to go back in time to 11:59 on a Saturday back then.

Ah, memories.

And by the way, "All telewager girls please leave the floor."


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