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Posted on February 7, 2004 at 00:56:05 AM by Echaburu

Man all this talk of bridgeport had me thinking about all the memories also. And its funny how something that happened to me on the court last week made me think of an incident at Bridgeport. Last week I get clocked by the ball right on my shin, just underneath my knee cap and it just totally swelled up like a baseball. And with all this talk on bridgeport, I remembered how my dad got clock on the shin as well back in 77 I believe by a Bereicua BLAST. I will never forget the way my dad told the story because he said that it hit so hard that you could heard it resonate throughout the whole fronton. And whats funny is that up until my dads death, you still saw the mark from the Bereicua blast. It was so funny the way he told the story because I would ask my dad, "Hey did it hurt?" and he would just smile and he would say, "You should have seen the ball!!" "I did more damage to the ball then the ball to me!!" and he would get that big smile on his face. Man memories. Thanks guys for some nice recollections. I see my dads name all the time in that last championship game with all those stars and it makes me happy and proud that he was part of that game, makes me wish I had half the talent he did. Man did he love that jai alai. He loved it so much because that was his chance at coming back to the states to play after he got blacklisted from florida. That jai alai gave a lot of chances to a lot of players that thought they could never play again. Awesome. Thanks again guys God bless and take care Alberto Echaburu


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