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you are just ignorant, its not your fault

Posted on January 22, 2005 at 05:41:07 PM by a players wife

1. Jai Alai is the only sport where an angry player can yell at the fans grab their crotch and get away with it.

---NOT TRUE. First, they yell because THEY GET INSULTED by the fans. and that isnt any excuse, however, Jai alai players are only human and not perfect. SECOND, THEY DO GET PENALIZED... Based on how bad they respond, they get fined money or even suspension.

2. Doesn't appeal to kids, know any kids who have Olate's autograph.

---A Gambleing sport SHOULDNT appeal to kids. What kind of father are you???

3. Only sport where the player never gets taken out of the game for being lazy

---Not true, They get fined if they are lazy. Also, Tell me any other sport that doesnt have lazy players. And WORST, EVERY OTHER PROFESSIONAL SPORT GETS PAID THOUSANDS MORE THAN JAI ALAI PLAYERS.

4. Only sport where the players have never done anything for charity

---How on earth would you know how they give their charity.. FIRST CHARITY IS BEST WHEN DONE ANONYMOUSLY TO NOT GET CREDIT. PLUS, I know a lot of players who donate money... How can they donate their time playing 6 days a week.

5. Only sport where the all stars are
not picked by fans

---The allstars get picked by how well their numbers are. Its only fair. How can the fans pick an allstar jaialai player if the fans only like them when they win money off of them.

6. Only sport where no one knows where the Jai Alai hall of fame is located

---theres a jai alai museum in every fronton. Jai alai is not a sport big enough to have its own building for a hall of fame, Like football or baseball...

7. Only sport that never changes the design of uniforms

---Why should they change, ARE YOU THE FASHION POLICE... Is that why you go to the games, to see the sexy jaialai players model the uniforms?

8. Only sport that doesn't have cards of players

--- They used to have player cards.

9. Only sport that doesnt show replays on tv

---The game doesnt have time outs like monday night football does.. the game has to keep going on.

10. Only sport that doesn't utilize sponsors for big events are even games for that matter. (tonights game 9 is sponsored by Tony's Pizzeria). $500 for the fronton.

---???????????????? so???????????
are u the tonys pizzeria owner?

like i said.. you are just ignorant.. You should not judge any of these players. if you dont like the sport, then dont spend your time on this message board talking shit about it. HOLY COW.. GET A LIFE..


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