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best bolivar/inclan point ever

Posted on December 9, 2003 at 06:31:38 AM by sam ahab

The time was in milford jai alai on a saturday night in the summer. the crow was larger than usual and the play was spectacular all night., the games were tight with alot of hostility between the new american players that were breaking into the late games on the program, such as Rastock, Jay, Fo, Drew, bruce, Raphael. the 13 game was a doubles game and the only american player was teamed up with Bolivar in post 6. because this was Jays 1st game playing with Bolivar, everyone just figured that Bolivar would let Jay make a fool of himself as post 5 zabala/alfonso was about to serve to post 6 Bolivar/Jay. zabala serves the ball and Bolivar lets it go to the back court to Jay, everyone held their breath as they can see how nervous he was. after what seemed like anhour long volley, post 6 won the point and the crowd cheered because it took so long to end that one single point. i myself approached the screen and was yelling at how impressive i was with the play. Bolivar took an extra moment to fix his ceats and to catch his breath and i can imagine that he never thought that he had a chance with a rookie in the back court that played so well, as he was about to serve the ball to post 7 Inclan/Elorza, everyone thought that inclan would grab the serve and put the point away, Bolivar serves the ball and sure enuff, Inclan picks the ball off and winds up for a inside placement, and to his suprise, Jay ran down the court and picked up the ball and made a weak return, THIS WAS THE START OF THE GREATEST POINT I EVER SEEN! BOLIVAR in the back court and Jay in the front against two of the best in the world. as the point went back and forth, bolivar in the back and Jay trying to switch positions, Elorza kept bolivar on the back wall with his magnificent back hand returns as Bolivar didnt want Jay to get a rebote. eventually a hard ball was thrown by Elorza and bolivar had no choice but to let the ball come off the back wall and let jay make a return, to EVERYONES suprise, Jay not only made the save, but he threw the ball to the backwall in the air catching Inclan & Elorza out of position, thus letting bolivar reposition himself in the front and Jay to the back.as the point went on with return after return, the crowd was yelling at an all time high, everyone was standing cheering the great play as if all 4 players were playing not only for bonus money, but as if they were playing for their lives. Inclan makes a pik in the frnt court and tried to throw a low hard placement and it got by Bolivar and Jay ran it down and caught it at his ankels and as he was trying to return the ball, i heard Bolivar yell " D O S E " and Jay threw a perfect carom from line 10 which made Inclan run to the fence as fast as he could but could not catch it. the crow yelled with excitement as the player were trying to catch their breaths, and as in all things, there is always a little bad, my bad thought was hearing Inclan cuss at Jay on his way off the court. the GREATEST POINT EVER SEEN IN JAI ALAI AND I WAS A WITNESS TO IT ALL. Post 6 did run the game out and win, but it was they way they did it, i never seen anything like that in my 40 years of being a fan. i dont know what ever happened to those players, but they will always be in my thoughts, i pray and wish them well where ever they are.


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