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Posted on December 11, 2003 at 02:54:34 PM by chris K

every so often you come across a rare person that is gifted for whatever reason that GOD has put us here to accomplish. i was a witness to several great points/games in my life that i lost money on but i still stood up to applaude the players for spectacular play. sounds to me that SAM AHAB was a part of one of those points that was meant for humanity to be a witness of, i want to THANK HIM for taking his time to tell us all about his best BOLIVAR/INCLAN point, and i also want to acknowledge that there were 2 other players in that game that must have also been challenging eachother. lets not forget that the sport is not just something to BET ON, but also something to be cherished as a way of being. TRUE JAI ALAI fans are a special breed, we dont care if we lose money if every effort is given on the court and ever point lost is left on the court. HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Thank you Sam

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